About Me

  • AT&T - Bell Labs - Nokia Alcatel Lucent University - Worldwide - (888) 582-3688
    Emphasis: Complex Maintenance and System Administration
    I have had many specialized training classes from multiple vendors and employers over the years.  (Available upon request)  Since 1997 I have studied continuously the products and communications innovations of the AT&T, Lucent, Bell family of companies.  With all the name changes it is often difficult to realize all the contributions they have made, but they have certainly built the fastest, most advanced and reliable communications networks in the world.
  • Southern Utah University - 351 W. Center - Cedar City, UT 84720 - (435) 586-7700
    Emphasis: Communications, Electronics, Mathematics, Embedded Microprocessors, and Computers.
    I maintained a perfect 4.0 GPA in all electronic, computer and telecommunication related classes. General Education GPA: 3.8. Deans List Member, Alpha Chi Honors Society Member, Outstanding Business Communication & Technology Student. Plaque awarded by department head spring 1994. Graduated with Honors June 1994 - Associate of Applied Science Electronic Technology. I completed electronics courses for BS in Electronic Engineering Technology at age 18. However, I graduated with an AAS. I felt that additional time spent on irrelevant general education would not help me reach my personal goals. (Transcripts are available on request.)
  • Parowan High School - 168 N. Main - Parowan, UT 84761 - (435) 477-3366
    Emphasis: Computers, Industrial Arts, and Mathematics
    Due to lack of challenge at PHS and all classes being completed ahead of schedual, I began attending Southern Utah University at age 16 without a high school diploma. I graduated PHS later with my friends on the traditional date top of class 1993, with Honors & numerous awards. (Available upon request)
Projects, Skills & Clients:
  • PBX / Telephone Design, Installation, and Maintenance: Asterisk PBX, Web & IP Enabled, VoIP, SIP, IAX, IAX2, DID, DOD, T1 PRI, ISDN, FXO, FXS, Voice Mail, Digital, Analog, Class Features, Voice & Data Convergence, Scalable systems, Remote/Home Office.
  • Central Office, Hub & Cell Site Construction and Deconstruction using Motorola, Lucent, Nortel, and miscellaneous equipment. EMX2500, 5ESS, VCDX, translations, DS0, T1, DS3, OC3, OC12, 3G CDMA, Digital Microwave, Voice Mail, DACS, CSU, DSU, MUX, Power Systems, Grounding. Clients: Verizon Wireless, AirTouch Cellular, CommNet Cellular, CommNet Wireless, VMR Group, RipTel.
  • Internet Access, Design, Installation, and Maintenance. DNS, email (SMTP POP3 IMAP WWW, spam filter), HTTP, FTP, cache, proxy, NTP (time), SNMP, NNTP, SQL, VPN, VoIP, RAS, RADIUS, PPP, Wireless Broadband, ADSL, VPN, LAN, WAN.
  • Live Production Audio & Video: Collin Raye, Gordon B. Hinckley, KREC, Japan F3000, Suzuka Circuit, Hawaii's Polynesian Cultural Center, Disneyland, Southern Utah University, Parowan Community Theater, Parowan High School.
  • Computer Skills: Linux, Unix, BSD, Windows, MSDOS, Auto CAD, Tango, Visio, Assembly, Machine Language, Pascal, HTML, PHP, Expect, Shell Scripting, Perl, Sed, Awk, Basic, Several macro languages. Microsoft Office.
  • Industrial control: Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's), Pneumatics, Servos, Steppers, Pumps, Heating & Cooling, Compressors. Plastic processes: Extrusion, Thermo Forming, Trim Press, Packaging, Conveyer, Warehousing.