R820T with HDSDR

I went to Radio Club and a few people were interested in the use of the R820T with HDSDR so this post is for them.
  1. Visit http://hdsdr.de/ and click the download link at the bottom of the page.  Download and install.  
  2. Play around with it using pre recorded I/Q base-band files to decide if this is for you.   
  3. Order:  I have purchased a few of these, the best quality and fastest delivered unit came from nooelec.com I used the ebay store to get free shipping, total cost $17.95.  I also purchased from China seller on ebay same chips, larger package, $8.75 delivered.  Frequency was off by more in the China version but both need to be adjusted in software anyway so it did not make much difference in the end.  While both of the units come with an antenna, you will likely want to attach your own, so you will need MCX Male adapter or connectors.  My favorite wide band RX only antenna is the amplified TV antenna that is already plumbed in every room of the house. For that I purchased 6in F female jack to MCX right angle male Jumper pigtail RG316 cable
  4. Once the unit arrives, do not install the software that comes with it.  Follow these instructions to get it going.  http://hdsdr.de/RTLSDR_with_HDSDR.pdf

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