Ubuntu 20.04 LTS 64 on a Raspberry Pi 4

Install Ubuntu Server on a Raspberry Pi 2, 3 or 4


Scan your LAN to find the IP then SSH

ssh -p 22 [email protected]
Password is ubuntu

Set Time zone:
dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

Configure your advanced network:
If using Netplan: https://netplan.io/examples

If using NetworkManager:

apt install network-manager


If you get the error:
Connection is not available on device eth0 because device is strictly unmanaged

find related config files of interest:
grep -r eth0 /etc/

Comment out everything, or delete file:
vi /etc/netplan/50-cloud-init.yaml

vi /etc/netplan/01-netcfg.yaml
# This file describes the network interfaces available on your system
# For more information, see netplan(5).
# Set and change netplan renderer to NetworkManager GUI tool
  version: 2
  renderer: NetworkManager


[email protected]:~# grep -r eth0 /etc/
/etc/initramfs-tools/initramfs.conf:# Specify a specific network interface, like eth0
/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/eth0 no VLAN.nmconnection:id=eth0 no VLAN
/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/eth0 no VLAN.nmconnection:interface-name=eth0
/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/VLAN connection 1.nmconnection:interface-name=eth0.5
/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/VLAN connection 1.nmconnection:parent=eth0
/etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf:#  interface "eth0";
/etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf:#  interface "eth0";
/etc/netplan/50-cloud-init.yaml:#        eth0:
[email protected]:~#


STMicroelectronics Joystick in FS Mode

Son's flight controller not connecting to his simulator under Windows 10.  
This is how we tested the hardware under linux:

$ lsusb | grep -i joy
Bus 001 Device 006: ID 0483:5710 STMicroelectronics Joystick in FS Mode

$ sudo apt install joystick

$ ls /dev/input/by-id/*-joystick
/dev/input/by-id/usb-FrSky_FrSky_Taranis_Joystick_00000000001B-event-joystick  /dev/input/by-id/usb-FrSky_FrSky_Taranis_Joystick_00000000001B-joystick

$ jstest /dev/input/by-id/usb-FrSky_FrSky_Taranis_Joystick_00000000001B-joystick
Driver version is 2.1.0.
Joystick (FrSky FrSky Taranis Joystick) has 7 axes (X, Y, Z, Rx, Ry, Rz, Throttle)
and 24 buttons (BtnA, BtnB, BtnC, BtnX, BtnY, BtnZ, BtnTL, BtnTR, BtnTL2, BtnTR2, BtnSelect, BtnStart, BtnMode, BtnThumbL, BtnThumbR, ?, (null), (null), (null), (null), (null), (null), (null), (null)).
Testing ... (interrupt to exit)
Axes:  0: 20606  1: 16215  2: 16552  3: 16215  4:     0  5:     0  6:     0 Buttons:  0:off  1:off  2:off  3:off  4:off  5:off  6:off  7:off  8:off  9:off 10:off 11:off 12:off 13:off 14:off 15:off 16:off 17:off 18:off 19:off 20:off 21:off 22:off 23:off ^C

$ lsusb -v -d 0483:5710

Bus 001 Device 006: ID 0483:5710 STMicroelectronics Joystick in FS Mode
Device Descriptor:
  bLength                18
  bDescriptorType         1
  bcdUSB               2.00
  bDeviceClass            0 (Defined at Interface level)
  bDeviceSubClass         0
  bDeviceProtocol         0
  bMaxPacketSize0        64
  idVendor           0x0483 STMicroelectronics
  idProduct          0x5710 Joystick in FS Mode
  bcdDevice            2.00
  iManufacturer           1 FrSky
  iProduct                2 FrSky Taranis Joystick
  iSerial                 3 00000000001B
  bNumConfigurations      1
  Configuration Descriptor:
    bLength                 9
    bDescriptorType         2
    wTotalLength           34
    bNumInterfaces          1
    bConfigurationValue     1
    iConfiguration          0
    bmAttributes         0xe0
      Self Powered
      Remote Wakeup
    MaxPower              100mA
    Interface Descriptor:
      bLength                 9
      bDescriptorType         4
      bInterfaceNumber        0
      bAlternateSetting       0
      bNumEndpoints           1
      bInterfaceClass         3 Human Interface Device
      bInterfaceSubClass      0 No Subclass
      bInterfaceProtocol      0 None
      iInterface              0
        HID Device Descriptor:
          bLength                 9
          bDescriptorType        33
          bcdHID               1.11
          bCountryCode            0 Not supported
          bNumDescriptors         1
          bDescriptorType        34 Report
          wDescriptorLength      54
         Report Descriptors:
           * UNAVAILABLE *
      Endpoint Descriptor:
        bLength                 7
        bDescriptorType         5
        bEndpointAddress     0x81  EP 1 IN
        bmAttributes            3
          Transfer Type            Interrupt
          Synch Type               None
          Usage Type               Data
        wMaxPacketSize     0x000b  1x 11 bytes
        bInterval              10
Device Status:     0x0001
  Self Powered